Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report

Just a year after the Covid-19 pandemic rattled markets, Long & Foster added agents, increased sales, pushed into new regions and expanded its all-inclusive service offerings.
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2020 Annual Report

In a year unlike any other, while others scrambled, we delivered in 2020. Our all-inclusive model — real estate, mortgage, settlement, insurance, moving and more, working together, on one team — gave clients confidence and stability when little of those were to be had.

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2019 Annual Report

Convenience and accessibility drove American business and the economy in 2019. Consumers want and expect exceptional service, a full product offering and competitive pricing, and companies like ours deliver. View the Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

In 2018, Long & Foster celebrated a milestone achievement—our 50th anniversary. Remarkable in any industry, this accomplishment stands out even more so in the ever-changing real estate world, where the ebbs and flows of the market often align with the comings and goings of real estate brokerages.
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2017 Annual Report

Long & Foster achieved tremendous success in 2017, becoming part of the Berkshire Hathaway affiliate HomeServices of America, launching a new look with updated logos and yard signs, and introducing digital innovations and programs for its agents and clients.
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