Long & Foster’s Kathleen Wilks Featured in Inman News

December 17, 2021
Kathleen Wilks

Wilks shares tips on making a good first impression

How do real estate agents put their best selves forward when meeting new clients and prospects? To find out, Inman, one of real estate’s top trade publications, interviewed top industry leaders from across the county, including Long & Foster’s Chief Marketing Officer Kathleen Wilks, for advice on how to make that first impression count.

Entitled “33 Milliseconds to Form an Impression: 7 Tips for Making it Count,” the Dec. 6 article shares Wilks’ invaluable insights on being prepared and dressing to impress, tips which are sure to help real estate professionals – from rookies to seasoned agents.

Here’s some of what Wilks had to say:

Be Prepared

  • Have a sincere attitude of respect and appreciation for the other person.
  • Be prepared and on time for a meeting. 
  • Do research to understand the competitive landscape before meeting a client, so you can use data to have an objective, fact-based conversation.
  • Learn about the person you’ll be meeting by checking out their social media profiles.  Look for things you have in common that you find interesting.

Dress Professionally

  • Clothing and grooming are visible and vital elements of nonverbal communication.
  • You’re the real estate expert, so it’s best to look like the part by dressing well.

Inman subscribers can read the full article at https://www.inman.com/2021/12/06/33-milliseconds-to-form-an-impression-7-tips-for-making-it-count/.