James Strum and the Strum Group Make a Move to Long & Foster

August 10, 2017
The Strum Group of Long & Foster Real Estate in Richmond
The Strum Group, led by James Strum, has returned to Long & Foster Real Estate. Pictured, from left to right, are Drew Setzer, Eric Walker, Jamie Richardson, James Strum, Sean Carlton and Walter Tilghman.

James Strum has returned to his roots. The Strum Group, led by James Strum, has returned to Long & Foster Real Estate. Strum began his career at Long & Foster over 10 years ago. He and his team, which includes Sean Carlton, Jamie Richardson, Drew Setzer, Walter Tilghman and Eric Walker, are a powerhouse in the Richmond real estate market and rank as one of the area’s leading groups of professionals.

Real estate runs deep in the Strum family. His father, Sherwood, had a successful real estate and building firm in the area for many years. Strum felt that a real estate career would be a great way to honor his father’s legacy and to provide the same level of customer service that his father had achieved. In just a few short years, he was recognized as the top salesperson for Long & Foster in Richmond; in 2013, he founded The Strum Group in order to continue the growth of his business.

“It is very exciting to be returning to Long & Foster Real Estate. I have known and respected Brian Haug for many years; he was very helpful to me when I began my career and I know that his passion for real estate will continue to fuel our growth,” said Strum. “The partnerships he is creating within the real estate community will allow our team to become a part of a bigger picture and will ultimately benefit our buyers and sellers. We also recognize that the Long & Foster brand can provide the best results and those agents represent the very best of our industry.”

Haug, who serves as senior vice president of Long & Foster in Richmond, is excited to see the growth of Long & Foster, the No. 1 firm in the Richmond marketplace. “We are in the business of helping people find homes and when we also help agents find the best place to call home, it is a win-win,” said Haug. “We have a dedicated team of agents and managers that have built a solid foundation for the future, and we are very happy that The Strum Team recognized that our core values and integrity provide the best path for growth.”