Charlottesville Area Saw Appreciation in Median Sale Prices in April

June 8, 2021
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The Charlottesville area saw a healthy appreciation in median sale prices in April, according to the Long & Foster Real Estate Market Minute Report. While the City of Charlottesville saw no year-over-year change, inclines ranged from 7% in Albemarle County to 24% in Greene County. Units sold rose throughout most of the area, with Nelson County exhibiting a dramatic 150% jump. Inventory continued to decline and days on market ranged from 22 to 71 days.  

The Long & Foster Real Estate’s Market Minute report for the Charlottesville region includes the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle, Buckingham, Nelson, Fluvanna and Greene counties.

Charlottesville Market Minute Chart April 2021

“We’ve been talking about inventory for years, but the rate at which it’s declining is starting to slow,” said Larry “Boomer” Foster, president of Long & Foster Real Estate. “In conjunction with the increase in new listings and the healthy appreciation of median sale prices, it’s very encouraging to see.”  

Even with inflation rates starting to rise steadily, Foster does not anticipate this affecting the market too heavily. “Consumers’ buying power as it relates to the housing market is still high,” Foster said. Most people look at how much the home will cost per month, not the overall price, so with rates staying at or around 3%, buying a home is still a feasible and attractive option.  

When it comes to buying and selling a home concurrently, Foster advises hiring a real estate professional. “There are options to limit risk and a professional Long & Foster real estate agent can help you navigate the process,” said Foster. Especially since most homes are selling faster than most consumers can buy them, many need to be aware of a potential interim move. There are also bridge loan programs that will allow homebuyers to buy a home first before putting their home on the market. However, while there is still ample demand for homes, the number of new listings that are coming on the market are increasing so not having a place to go should not stop consumers from listing their home. 

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