Get to Know Tina Holt

June 1, 2023
Tina Holt
Long & Foster's Tina Holt was featured in Peninsula Real Producers

Long & Foster’s Senior Vice President Featured in Peninsula Real Producers

Accomplished real estate professional. Certified John Maxwell Life and Leadership Coach. A sought-after motivational speaker. Two-time breast cancer survivor. Amazon best-selling author of an inspirational book—Green Bananas.

Plus a mom, grandmom, volunteer and all-around enthusiastic and positive leader. Those are just some of the descriptors of Tina Holt—Long & Foster’s Senior Vice President and Regional Manager in Hampton Roads and Northeast North Carolina.

Helping people drives Holt in life, and her role at Long & Foster enables her to do just that—encouraging Realtors and real estate professionals to achieve their very best, for themselves and the company.

Holt’s passion for the business and people has been recognized many times over, with Holt receiving numerous awards from the industry and business community. Most recently, her commitment to real estate was recognized in the May 2023 issue of Peninsula Real Producers. The leading real estate publication featured Holt in its Celebrating Leaders section, and the piece highlights all that Holt brings to her team and community.

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