Recognizing Our Team for Exceptional Service

August 1, 2022
Pictured from left to right, Jeff Detwiler, CEO and President of The Long & Foster Companies, Johnnie Johnson, CEO of the 8 Ways to Support DEI International Sports Alliance, Cody Cooper of HSPM, Alvin Williams of Long & Foster's Information Services team, and Gino Blefari, CEO of HomeServices of America, Long & Foster's parent company

Each year, Long & Foster recognizes two employees for their dedication to our customers and our team, and this year’s Long & Foster Family Awards were awarded to Alvin Williams and Cody Cooper. Alvin and Cody live Long & Foster’s commitment to delivering exceptional service, and they are known throughout our company for their positive attitudes, proactive approaches and responsiveness.

Here are some of the praises we received for Alvin and Cody in their nominations for this year’s awards. As part of the honor, they each received $5,000 in appreciation of their hard work. 

About Alvin

Alvin works as a field technician with our Information Services division, supporting our Washington, D.C., and Montgomery County regions—two busy markets with dozens of offices and thousands of agents. Alvin’s commitment to his job and the individuals he supports is clearly shown in the four nominations he received for the Long & Foster Family Award—excerpts of which are shared below.  

“Alvin always goes above and beyond. He is always available to answer questions for the staff and agents, fix every IT problem that hits the office. Alvin will plow through all the issues with a smile and song in his heart. Alvin is a rock star and a lifesaver for our office.”

“There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe Alvin and what he brings to the table. The love he obviously has for what he does comes through each time he is in the office. He is a wealth of knowledge and is very willing to share and teach. Everyone could take a page from Alvin’s playbook!”

“When Alvin Williams entered our lives, we were graced with a FRIEND, who not only excels in the IT world, but brings that same excellence when dealing with us as customers. In a job where he is constantly being bombarded with all sorts of pressing issues, Alvin ALWAYS gets back to us in a timely manner, with an ear to listen, a word of advice from his wealth of knowledge, and as if that wasn’t enough, he comes with a positive vibe and beautiful smile that says, ‘Have no fear. Alvin is here.’”

“I am nominating Alvin because he is always willing to solve our IT issues. He makes himself available, in person or by phone whenever he is needed. He has a great deal of patience with agents and employees of all levels. He does it with a smile on his face and takes the time to help us fill in those many gaps of understanding. He is a prime example of family, trust and excellence, and I am proud to call him my friend. We need more Alvins!”  

About Cody

Cody is a property manager with HomeServices Property Management (HSPM) in the Raleigh, N.C., market. His helpful nature and team approach to the business benefits HSPM’s property owners and tenants, as well as its real estate partners and internal employees—which you can read about in portions of his nomination below.  

“Cody exhibits all the traits in the criteria for recognition. First, he makes himself available for questions regardless of what he has going on at the time. He is a great listener and offers helpful advice. Also, his background as a sales agent provides helpful insight into many situations and he is always willing to share information. He also is very efficient in his work and is willing to share templates that he has created to help the rest of the team. He responds to requests in a timely manner and has a positive and professional approach to each situation. He is a great addition to our NC team and a pleasure to work with.”

In addition to Alvin and Cody, over 80 employees were nominated for Long & Foster Family Awards this year. You can view the full list below.

• Lisa Adams
• Kim Albright
• Brandy Aversa
• Carmin Brittain
• Karen Brown
• Pamela Callalli Fernandez
• Dave Capossela
• Tara Carmichael
• Donna Chilton
• Kathleen Chovnick
• Cody Cooper
• Jessica Davis
• Paula Davis
• Andrea Dexter
• Patrick Dolan
• Wael El Haddad
• Myron Euille
• Travis Fitch
• Helen Formica
• Rachel Foster
• Ivy Frank
• Julie Frank
• Stacia Frazier
• Jeremy Garrison
• Kelly Gough
• Shannon Gray
• Trudy Hall
• Jonathan Haller
• Timothy Hartlove
• Rebecca Herman
• Heidi Hinchey
• Candace Hix
• John Holtz
• Traci Hopkins
• Henny Hubbart
• Rosemary Inatome-Lerum
• Chris Jernigan
• Kathy Johnson
• Viviana Kelly
• Deborah Kennedy
• Ali Khaligh
• Stephen King
• Allison Korb
• Crystal Kosteleski
• Greg Lakatos
• John Leahy
• Mitchell Lee
• Daniela Lyons
• Brenda Martin
• Logan Matthews
• Damaris Mayen
• Tony McCord
• Lori McCullough
• Lee Renee McGinnis
• Sue McGraw-Boyd
• Rachel Moyes
• Nafez Mustafa
• Fatima Nakbeen
• Ali Newkirk
• Becky Newsome
• Erica Panjehshahi
• Kirstie Patterson
• Suzanne Pilcher
• Reiko Regan
• Yolanda Roberson
• Brandon Rutter
• Greg Scott
• Nate Skowronsky
• Cindy Snyder
• Susan Soberanis
• Danielle Somadelis
• Dashti Taha
• Francis Truax
• Lan Truong
• Michelle Turner
• Marnie Wade
• Allenia Washington
• Deena Watson
• Danyelle Wiley
• Alvin Williams
• Aric Zaky



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