Scotty Felton: Making Lives Brighter in her South Boston Community

July 6, 2021

The real estate business is about building relationships and Scotty Felton does it well.  She and each of the other 12 real estate agents in Long & Foster Real Estate’s South Boston, Virginia office provide best-in-class customer service to all of their valued clients. It is clear they love the community where they live and work.

Her contributions to South Boston began long before the Covid-19 pandemic brought the global economy to a standstill. Throughout her real estate career, she has donated to good causes in her beloved hometown.  “In a wonderful small community like this, it is money well spent,” said Felton.

To Felton, giving back to her community not only means donating to organizations – but to people too. She has helped young people pursue their dreams including the local high school robotics team and the culinary arts department. “Three students in the culinary arts department won the state contest and moved on to the nationals,” said Felton.  “Although they raised money to go, I donated some funds for their exciting adventure to travel to the national competition.” 

Left to Right: Bonita Taylor, Scotty Epps Felton and Taylor’s granddaughter, Alicia Waller

Last year, she arranged for a few students from the Halifax County school system to visit her office, two by two. There, they were given a demonstration of how real estate works. Then, Felton handed each of them $20 to go out into the community and purchase something. Their only assignment was to observe how people treated them, recognizing whether they received good or bad service, then decide how they wanted to be – or didn’t want to be – when dealing with people.

“To whom much is given, much is expected,” said Felton. “It is my pleasure to be a part of and give back to this community with such wonderful, hard-working people.” 

This year, to celebrate Felton’s 25th year in the real estate business, her theme of giving is centered around the number 25.  For instance, she began a campaign called ‘Hometown Heroes’, inviting residents to nominate those they considered to be heroes in the community. She then recognized 25 individuals from the Halifax County school system – including everyone from students, teachers, and the custodian to the school superintendent – with $100 each. 

Upon arrival at her office, Felton celebrates each winner by reading what was written about them in their nomination and then taking a photo of them accepting their $100, which is later posted on Felton’s Facebook page.  In September, Felton plans to recognize 25 people in the medical field and in the future, she plans to also honor those in law enforcement.

And what about the people who nominate these ‘Hometown Heroes’?  If their nominee is selected as a winner, they are rewarded with a $25 gift certificate to a local business.  “This has helped local businesses, so it’s been a win-win all around,” Felton said.

Felton also includes pets in the fun, by inviting pet owners and their dog to visit the office to have a photo taken with their pet. She then posts their photo on Facebook, mails the photo to each pet parent, and donates $25 for each pet visit to the three local animal shelter organizations in the area.  

“I have been very blessed by this community and by the real estate business,” said Felton. “This is my home community. I have lived here all my life, and I enjoy giving back to it.”

Felton can be reached at or at 434-572-0510.