April Home Maintenance Checklist

April 1, 2021
April home maintenance checklist

With the warm weather heralding the start of spring, many people can’t wait to get outdoors and start enjoying the sunny weather. Now’s the time to revitalize your home and prep it for spring before the season kicks into high gear.

Play some fun music, roll up your sleeves and shoo away the last traces of winter with these simple home maintenance tasks.

Clear out the entryway. Clean your winter boots, gloves and mittens and put them away in a coat closet. Wash your entry mats that have soaked up any snow, rain or slush.

Organize linen closet. Sort out old sheet sets and towels to donate. You can also recycle them by putting them in a textile recycling bin. Remove heavy winter throws and blankets and store them till the next season.

Check your sprinkler system. Ensure nothing’s broken by running your sprinkler or irrigation system. Adjust heads and make sure they’re pointed towards your garden and lawn.

Get your HVAC system checked. Have a professional check your air conditioning and ventilation unit so you don’t find yourself with a malfunctioning system during a heatwave.

Declutter your garage. Go through all the boxes and junk that may have accumulated in your garage. Donate or throw away items that have not been used in the past six months. Create an organization system that will ensure things have a proper place.

Prepare for allergies. Take out your air purifier (if it’s not already out) and clean out the filter to rid your home of spring pollen and dust mites. Additionally, change out your HVAC filters regularly so allergens can get filtered out.

If you’re planning to sell your home this spring, you’ll want it to look its best. Talk to your real estate agent about any improvements or suggestions they may have that will make your home show-ready.