Essential Tips for Planning Your Move in Challenging Times: Home Selling Series Pt. 7

September 7, 2020

Is selling your home or moving to a new place in your future? The process of packing and transporting all your possessions to another location starts long before the moving trucks arrive.

While the Covid-19 pandemic can make the process seem a bit more daunting, Long & Foster and its moving company, Tailored Move, have comprehensive protocols in place, following CDC guidelines, to keep you safe and ensure your successful move. From conducting estimates via telephone to daily health checks with our crew, Tailored Move’s procedures are designed to make your move as worry-free as possible.

You can rest assured that our team is ready to help your move, and by following these tips, you can prepare yourself, your home and family for moving day, too.

Eat. Use up the food in your freezer.

Throw away or donate food and other items you won’t be moving.

If staging your home for potential buyers or renters, move unnecessary items to temporary storage to create an uncluttered atmosphere before you list.

Check with your insurance agency if you want to purchase full coverage on items you’re moving. Your family car and household goods should be fully protected while en route to your new home and upon your initial arrival.

Talk to the school.
Get transcripts of kids’ school records and notify teachers/administrators about the move. Check with new school for any special teaching protocols they may have in place, such as fully remote classrooms or a rotating attendance schedule.

File other key documents.
Gather all important documents you might need to hand-carry, such as birth records and medical files. Secure all important documents that you might need to access during or after the move.

As you are performing these tasks, get estimates on services such as packing, cleaning, furniture placement, decluttering and special handling of any precious or unusually large items. Your partners at Tailored Move can give you an estimate for all the services they offer when estimating your move.

Long & Foster also offers these additional tips for keeping your move on track:

Estimate your timeline and budget. Consider setting up new utilities and scheduling with the post office for your mail to be forwarded to your new address.

Start packing. If your moving company isn’t handling the packing, begin boxing up items and consider storing them off-site, such as in a rented storage unit, if you are staging the home.

Clean and repair. Either hire professionals or budget the time you will need to get the home sparkling. Make sure all the lightbulbs and fixtures are working and remove all the dust and grime from the places like door frames, air vents and cabinet tops.

Don’t forget the outside of the home. Give the yard a final sprucing up, and gather all the yard tools, garden hoses and outdoor equipment you plan to take with you.

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