The Evolving Backyard: Outdoor Design Trends

August 4, 2020
Outdoor Design Trends

From home design to fashion, trends often pop up to reflect changing lifestyles and tastes. How people are interacting with their homes has evolved recently and this is reflected in their desire for a well-designed and engaging outdoor space. Whether it’s adding in a patio or renovating an existing area, the outdoors have become the new gathering and entertainment space.

Below are some outdoor design trends that are sure to become a mainstay in many homes:

  1. Saltwater swimming pools. While home swimming pools are nothing new, the current climate has led to its resurgence. Saltwater pools, as opposed to chlorine pools, have risen in popularity due to its ease in maintenance and natural properties.
  2. Outdoor kitchens. Everyone is looking for ways to socialize with others safely and outdoor kitchens have become the answer. Grills are a staple in many people’s yards; however, the newfangled outdoor kitchen can contain everything from a fridge to the kitchen sink.
  3. Gardens and green spaces. Whether you’re growing vegetables or a flower patch, gardening has become everyone’s favorite new hobby. Besides the utilitarian value of growing herbs and vegetables, gardening has therapeutic qualities and adds wonderful curb appeal.
  4. Audio systems. Integrating speakers into outdoor spaces has become trendy. Having hidden speakers throughout the yard provides a resort-like, immersive experience as the sound can reach everyone without being intrusive.
  5. Outdoor theaters. If you’ve noticed an uptick in drive-in movie theaters than this trend should come as no surprise to you. Many people are installing televisions or full-on theater setups in their backyards as a way to enjoy some outdoor entertainment.