Long & Foster’s Jeff Detwiler and Greg Scott Featured in MoxiWorks “Grit Unlocked” Handbook

June 4, 2020
Jeff Detwiler & Greg Scott

Detwiler and Scott join Industry experts in collection of articles on resiliency and grit

The Long & Foster Companies’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey S. Detwiler and Long & Foster Real Estate’s Vice President of Branch Services, Greg Scott recently joined some of the most respected and revered voices in the real estate industry to collaborate on a handbook entitled “Grit Unlocked,” which compiles their views for growing an unstoppable real estate business in challenging times.

The unique handbook, published by MoxiWorks, brings together industry experts, combining hundreds of years of wisdom and experience, to share their insights on resiliency and grit.  These collected stories of disruptions, difficulties, determination and opportunity provide inspiration for all. 

In the chapter entitled, “Plan, Prepare, Prevail,” Detwiler’s article, “Maintaining a 10,000-Foot View,” discusses the importance of maintaining a longer-term perspective to keep business on track. He speaks about how it’s vital to avoid the fatigue that often accompanies uncertainty and emphasizes the importance of staying focused and committed to serving clients, communities and the country as a whole. “Nothing has a greater impact on fueling the economic engine than the real estate industry,” said Detwiler.

Scott’s article, “Inspiring Agent Adoption of Technology,” in the chapter on “Technology Turns Powers into Superpowers,” features advice on looking beyond fear of the unknown and focusing on what agent’s business could become, if change is embraced. From taking smaller bites to finding inspiration in others, he highlights some advice for agents in changing times.

“If you are feeling stuck, become a student of what other people have accomplished using technology,” said Scott. “Study what others have accomplished.  This will help you to get started.  From there, make it your own. Before you know it, you will be the inspiration.”

To read and download a copy of Grit Unlocked, The Handbook for Growing an Unstoppable Real Estate Business, go to https://moxiworks.com/resources/grit-unlocked.