June 2020 Home Maintenance Checklist

June 1, 2020

Although coronavirus stay-at-home restrictions are loosening, many of us will still be spending a significant time at home this month. With family members home, the increased food preparation and laundry, as well as heightened awareness to keep germs under control, can cause wear-and-tear on your home and family, as your surroundings can become dirty quick.

Here are some easy home maintenance (and a few self-care) tips to do this month to help keep dirt and germs at bay and spirits up.


Sanitize hand-held devices: Regularly disinfect your phone, remote controls, tablets, door handles and cabinet knobs.

Vacuum vents and baseboards, and change air filters: Reduce allergens and increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit by vacuuming vents with a brush attachment or wiping them with a dry cloth. Turn off your HVAC unit and change the air filters on your furnace.

Rinse dishwasher filter. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to remove filter, run under clean water, dislodge any stuck food particles with a toothbrush and reinstall clean filter.

Set washer, dryer and dishwasher on sanitize. Help eliminate germs by setting the appliances on the sanitize-cycle option, which offers the hottest temperatures available.


Dress up your table: Now that we are all eating at home, occasionally bring out the special dinnerware, napkins and glasses that are usually reserved for company. Try hosting a virtual dinner party and invite friends or family.

Plan your remodel: Gather ideas for that home renovation you’ve been thinking about. Set up a virtual chat with a contractor to discuss your plans.

Plant a garden: Involve the family for a gardening day. Whether you plant a large plot of vegetables and herbs or just have a simple flower garden, it will be fun for the family to participate and watch it grow.

Don’t forget to take pictures or make notes of plants you like. Enjoy your garden, your family and the simple pleasures of summer this month.