Inspection Best Practices During Covid-19

May 6, 2020

Provided by US Inspect

As an industry market leader, US Inspect has taken the lead in implementing inspection best practices related to COVID-19. US Inspect understands the risks of COVID-19 and have implemented best practices to help keep their clients and inspectors safe.

On-site Inspection
Personal Protective Equipment
US Inspect inspectors are equipped with the highest-quality protective gear – safety masks, disposable gloves, and protective disposable footwear.

Social Distancing
US Inspect inspectors practice social distancing and maintain safe distances from others. If anyone is sick, has a fever, or is concerned about being contagious, they will stay home.

Safe Hygiene Practices
US Inspect inspectors wash their hands regularly before, during, and after inspections. They also practice good respiratory hygiene – covering their mouth and nose with bent elbow or tissue if coughing or sneezing.

Semi-Virtual Inspection
Solo On-Site
US Inspect conducts inspections of a home solo and adhere to the same on-site protocols – personal protective equipment, safe hygiene practices and social distancing if anyone else is present.

Same-day Report
US Inspect delivers one of the industry’s finest reports – graphical summary, narrative summary using easy-to-understand terms and clickable page links, and lots of clickable, high-resolution photos. All accessible via the cloud.

Post-Inspection Video Conference
US Inspect inspectors are trained to deliver report guidance via post-inspection video conference (e.g., Google Hangouts or Zoom).

With US Inspect’s semi-virtual inspection, it’s as if you were on-site for the inspection.

Repackaged with permission from US Inspect