Interior & Exterior Home Maintenance

November 7, 2019
Interior & Exterior Home Maintenance

With the temperatures slowly starting to dip lower, it’s a good time to think about what should be inspected and maintained around the home to prep for brisk weather.

Gilbert Garcia, the Director of Business Operations for Monumental Building Services, provided insight on the importance of winter home maintenance, saying that “the number one reason for home maintenance during the colder months is to prevent costly damages.”

Before it starts snowing and hailing, be sure to complete the home maintenance tasks that Garcia recommended.

Interior Home Maintenance

Close hose bibs. Garcia said to remember to “close both the front and rear bibs and drain them so there’s no water that could freeze up.”

Inspect HVAC equipment. Most people typically wait until the machine is damaged before checking up on it. However, it is costly to replace so getting it maintained regularly will increase the life of the equipment by a couple of years and be more cost-efficient.

Get exposed pipes insulated. A lot of older homes will have running water lines in the attic that are exposed to the elements. Getting a contractor to come in and insulate it will help ensure that they don’t freeze.

Exterior Home Maintenance

Clear gutters. Lots of leaves and debris can fall in people’s gutters so getting them cleared will prevent water from building up and leaking into the home. Garcia recommends getting “gutter guards to prevent leaves and other debris from getting in.”

Secure handrails. Don’t trip and fall this season! Check that all handrails and fences are sturdy. Garcia also advised to “check if there’s anything outside the home that could fall off.”

Seal windows and doors. This will ensure that the cold air stays outside while keeping the warm air inside.

For all your home maintenance needs, from getting your gutters cleared to home renovations, connect with licensed and insured service providers through our Home Service Connections network.