What to Consider when Downsizing

September 25, 2019

There comes a time for most people when it becomes necessary to move into a smaller home or a senior community. When struck with this thought, many are unsure of where to start or what to do. Luckily, expert downsizer and Realtor Anna Greves, has provided insight to people hit with the realization that they need to scale down their accommodations and belongings.

The process can be difficult

Downsizing comes with the inevitability of having to discard items that have accumulated over the years. Many may find it difficult to detach themselves from items they love – whether it be children’s books, diplomas or travel souvenirs. To make the process of separation easier, Greves suggests “taking photographs of items you love but can do without and putting together a photo album for you to look through later.”

Downsizing is a long and time-consuming process

People never realize how much stuff they have until they need to move. The first step to downsizing is to go through everything in your closet, starting with the linen closet and then moving on to shoes and clothes. A good tactic to employ when eliminating clothes is to hang everything in your closet with the hangers all facing forward and turning the hanger around once you’ve worn an article of clothing. After six months, check to see which hangers are still facing forward and think about discarding those clothes.

When removing items, it’s good to put things into two categories: items to donate and items to sell. You could even get an expert in to get an appraisal on art, jewelry, coins and stamps. Also separate everyday things from once-in-a-while things. Once-in-a-while things include fancy china, glassware and old books.

It involves both the owner and the downsizer

Greves said that a major misconception people have is that “when they hire a good downsizer, the downsizer will tell them what to keep and what to discard.” While a downsizer can inform you on items that may be worth monetary value if sold, being involved will ensure things are not thrown out that you wanted to keep.

Call or consult a downsizing company

Even if you think you’ve got a good handle on the downsizing process, a professional downsizer will make everything much easier. Most companies will provide a free consultation and set up a calendar plan according to the homeowner’s wishes and timeline. Anyone considering downsizing should “take the time to sit down with a downsizer for an hour to express their desires and figure out what they want.” They’ll plan out when to start, where to start and help with the packing and distribution.

Greves’ downsizing and home organizing service, Elite Concierge, provides a complimentary consultation and can be reached at 703-518-8777 for additional information.