Organizing Your Home for Back to School

August 7, 2019

It’s that time of year again! As summer comes to an end, children around the country are preparing to go back to school. Purchasing backpacks, school supplies, clothes and shoes may be top of mind as the first day of school fast approaches. To make the transition easier, you may want to consider organizing your home for back to school, too. Here are a few tips to help reduce chaos and stress as your family adjusts to the new school schedule.

Hang up a calendar. Keep your family on track with an up-to-date calendar and to-do-list in a common area, such as the kitchen. You can use an inexpensive chalkboard or dry erase board to jot down everyone’s activities and events, so the whole family is in the know and can keep up with the schedule.

Create a practical entry area. Avoid clutter in the entry way of your home by adding a storage bench, baskets, hooks or other organizational containers. This will give your children a place to hang their backpacks and coats, and store their shoes and other items. Not only will it keep your entry way clear and clutter-free, but it will also make weekday mornings easier because your children will know exactly where to find their stuff.

Set up a designated homework spot. Using a desk or table, set up a place for your children to regularly do their homework. This will create structure and reduce the risk of them losing their books, binders and loose papers, which can easily occur if they sprawl out throughout the house to complete their homework.

Sort your laundry room. School clothes, sports attire and bath towels can accumulate quickly throughout the week. Be sure you have plenty of laundry baskets to organize your dirty laundry, as well as hangers for your clean clothes. You can even label your baskets – whites, colors, darks and towels to save time and headache.

Prep breakfast, lunches and snacks. Preparing breakfast, lunches and snacks the night before will make your mornings much less chaotic. Use the lower part of the fridge or an easily accessible drawer or cabinet, so your kids can simply grab and go.

This time of year can be both exciting and hectic, but don’t let the back to school chaos stress you out. Instead, consider a few of these organizational tips to make for a smooth school year.