Refresh Your Home With New Window Treatments

February 22, 2019
Refresh Home with New Window Treatments

Updating window treatments is a quick and easy home improvement that people often pass over. While it may not seem like new blinds can make a difference in the look and feel of a home, new window treatments can transform your living space.

For this season’s hottest trends for window treatments, we asked our friends at MK Blinds for some insight into what to look for and the process of getting new window coverings.

The Vice President of MK Blinds, Joshua Kenny, says that the three styles that are the most popular are faux wood blinds, roller shades, and plantation shutters. Faux wood blinds are the standard blind that most people gravitate towards as it lends a homier and cozier vibe towards a home, while providing great coverage.

While refreshing window treatments may be low on the list of home improvements for many, there are several benefits to obtaining new window coverings. Aesthetically, they can provide visual appeal to a room, highlight current decor, or even increase the home’s curb appeal and resale value. Some shades even have solar blocking properties, so your home can be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Many people who are looking to buy blinds for the first time should be aware of two factors – the plethora of window treatments available and the price associated with updating them. Within just the blinds style, there are 20 or so different shapes and styles to choose from. Kenny recommends thoroughly researching what you want in your home. Having a solid idea of what you are looking for will make it easier for you to narrow down the myriad of options.

Researching different styles will also allow you to approximate the price point of certain styles so you budget accordingly. Kenny mentions how he frequently gets calls for an estimate on blinds and homeowners will be surprised on the actual cost; so having a general idea of the pricing of products will prevent sticker shock.

Keep in mind that there is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing window coverings. Everyone has different taste and needs, so choose a style that resonates with you.