August Home Maintenance Checklist

August 1, 2018

August generally brings the hottest time of the year. Despite the warm weather, there always seems to be plenty to do in the garden this month. Whether you’ve planted a large plot of fruit and vegetables or just have a simple flower garden, August is the time to enjoy its bounty. With this month’s checklist, you can take care of your garden and be back to enjoying your barbecues and pool trips in no time.

Prune: Clear dead twigs and branches to make room for new growth. Trim perennials that have finished blooming down to four inches in height and divide groups of plants, such as irises, that are overcrowded, and plant the extras elsewhere.

Water Wisely: Prevent mildew by watering during the cool early morning, when roots can absorb water but excess moisture will evaporate as the day warms.

Mowing Tips: Set your lawn mower blade on the highest setting. Taller grass grows deeper roots, provides shade to the soil and prevents weeds from germinating. Don’t worry if parts of your lawn turn brown this time of year – it usually bounces back in a few days with ample water.

Control Weeds: Pull weeds for a few minutes each day to keep them from competing with your plants for water and nutrients. You’ll also avoid having to spend a few hours later removing overgrown weeds.

Prevent Insects: Eliminate standing water that has collected in empty flower pots or other containers as they can be a breeding ground for mosquitos. Wasps become more aggressive in late summer, so if you see a wasp nest, you’ll want to spray it as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to take pictures or make notes of plants you like while they are all at the peak of their growth. Stay cool – enjoy your garden and the simple pleasures of summer this month.