July Home Maintenance Checklist

July 1, 2018

To celebrate summer’s arrival, you may be planning an outdoor party for friends and family this month. Whether you are hosting a classic July 4 barbeque or an evening soiree, you will want your outdoor spaces to look good. We have put together some home maintenance and outdoor party tips to help you get ready as quickly and stress-free as possible.


  • Mow lawn, prune shrubs and flowers
  • Hose down and scrub outdoor furniture, sweep cobwebs from umbrellas, and surface clean pillows and cushions
  • Sweep patio, walkways and driveway
  • String lights or lanterns; use solar or battery-powered lights to brighten walkways
  • Decorate with flowers from your garden or plants in containers
  • Buy wasp traps and hang them away from eating areas
  • Set up stations for grilling, buffet, drinks, trash, insect repellent and sunscreen


  • Clean out the refrigerator to create space for party dishes and beverages
  • Put drinks in the refrigerator about four hours before party time; transfer them to an ice-filled cooler about 20 minutes before guests are due to arrive
  • Plan a simple menu and purchase nonperishable goods in advance; make recipes ahead of time and freeze or coordinate what dishes your guests will bring
  • Pick your playlist or streaming channel to set the right mood
  • Tidy up the guest bathroom

Whatever your July plans entail, doing a few of the items on this list will help ensure your get-togethers go smoothly and that everyone has a good time—including you.