Summer Home Maintenance Tips from Long & Foster

April 24, 2018

After the long winter and the spring rainy season, summer is a great time to revive the look of your home both inside and outside. It’s also an ideal time to check your home for any damage that may have occurred during the winter and spring months. From carpet replacement to exterior maintenance, summer’s bright sun will help you do a close examination and make any needed repairs.

To help you get your home ready for the warm months ahead, we asked a few of our Home Service Connections partners for advice. Here are their recommendations on what to do this season to get and keep your home in top shape.

Summer is a great time to have your carpets cleaned or replaced. “Grime, salt, dirt, rain and snow from winter and mud from spring can really create wear and tear on your carpet,” said Juliana Weidman from Werco Carpeting & Flooring. “It’s easier to install carpets in the spring or summer because the temperature and atmosphere is conducive to stretching the carpet, causing less buckling and bubbles.” Also, having the windows open during carpet replacement or cleaning can eliminate that new carpet smell or help to dry carpets that have just been cleaned, Weidman added.

Vicki Koutsis, owner of Adelphia Exteriors, said that at this time of year, her company sees an increase in requests for outdoor painting, as well as roof and window replacement. In addition, Koutsis noted early summer is a popular time for adding attic insulation to improve the home’s energy efficiency before the midsummer heat approaches.

“With any change of season, it’s all about preventative maintenance,” said Ron Jacque, general manager of TR Young Services. His firm recommends gutter cleaning twice a year – before spring and after fall. Since ice damming can occur during the winter, Jacque also advises homeowners to look at soffit areas – that is, the area where the roof line and the gutters meet – to check for any trapped water that has collected and can leak into the house. In addition, he advises homeowners to inspect the joints where doors meet the house to check for gaps and add caulking as needed.

“We recommend power washing of vinyl siding, sidewalks and decks every year,” said Jacque. “Decks also need UV protection every two years.” Although treated wood is made to resist wood rot and termites, it’s not made to resist the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light, causing its color to fade.

Whether you’re maintaining, updating or planning a total renovation, check Long & Foster’s Home Service Connections website to find a trusted contractor in your area.


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