Sell Your Home With An Open House

February 12, 2018

If you recently put your house on the market, an open house can be a great way to pique interest and get foot traffic into your property. Open houses can help increase exposure of your home, while giving your potential buyer a convenient means to shop around. And don’t forget the nosy neighbors – they might just help sell your home.

Here is some insight on the benefits of open houses from a few Long & Foster agents.

Additional exposure: An open house is an opportunity to get people in the door, suggests Pete Romani, a real estate agent in Long & Foster’s Fredericksburg, Virginia, office. Open houses increase the amount of exposure your home receives. “The more people that see the home, the better off we are,” said Carolyn White, a real estate agent in Long & Foster’s Triad office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. If it shows well, word will spread.

Helpful feedback: Open houses provide the opportunity for the seller to receive constructive feedback from both potential buyers and neighbors about their home, suggests Debban Dodrill, a real estate agent in Long & Foster’s Reston, Virginia, office. From home improvement tips to subtle suggestions, an open house visitor might just provide you with feedback that helps attract your buyer. Your real estate agent can also gather contact information during an open house to follow up with those who are interested in your home.

Time-efficiency and convenience: While consumers have access to the latest homes for sale through various online channels, open houses are a time-efficient and convenient way for potential buyers to see your home in person, explains Romani. Open houses allow you to get more people in your home at one time. It is recommended that the seller not be present at the time your home is being shown to a potential buyer. Your real estate agent will likely ask you to leave during the open house, which typically takes place on a Sunday afternoon for a few hours – one inconvenience versus having to vacate during several individual showings.

If you are considering selling your home, contact your local real estate agent for professional advice. While open houses are a great tool, working alongside a professional Realtor, you can decide whether it will work for your home and location.

“An open house is an opportunity for the seller to tell a story about their home,” said Dodrill. “And for the agent to share why the original owner first fell in love with the property.”