Safety Tips to Remember When Buying or Selling a Home

September 1, 2016

Whether you are a Realtor, a seller or a buyer, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of your real estate transaction – but don’t forget to take precautions for your safety. In recognition of Realtor Safety Month—celebrated every September—we’d like to share some safety tips for both real estate agents and their clients.

  1. For first-time appointments, the real estate office is the best place to meet.
  2. Whenever meeting at a property, let someone—a friend, family member or colleague—know where you are going, who you’re meeting and when to expect you back.
  3. Drive your own car to showings and park it in front of the home rather than in the driveway, so you don’t get blocked in and can make a quick departure, if necessary.
  4. After an open house, make sure everyone has left by checking all rooms and the backyard.
  5. Check that all doors and windows are locked after an open house.
  6. When possible, work in pairs at open houses and view homes in pairs.
  7. If you feel you are in an unsafe situation, trust your instincts and have an exit plan to leave.

Remember – safety is in numbers, so let’s work together to protect each other. You can also find more safety tips from the National Association of Realtors.


  1. Sarah Smith

    September 22, 2016

    I want to buy a house. Thanks for the advice about how you should drive to showings and park in front of the home. Another thing to consider is to get an agent to help you that is full licensed and reliable.

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