Local Artist to Host Art Exhibition at Long & Foster’s Arlington Office

November 3, 2017
DC Artist Stan Piotroski
DC-based artist Stan Piotroski will host an exhibition at Long & Foster | Christie's Arlington office.

Newly renovated office space is perfect backdrop for abstract expressionist collection

Exquisite artwork will blend with exceptional homes at Stanley Piotroski’s upcoming art exhibition at Long & Foster | Christie’s International Real Estate’s office in Arlington, Virginia. The exhibition—titled “Piotroski New Works”—begins Thursday, Nov. 9, and runs through Dec. 1. An opening night reception will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Nov. 9, and members of the public and media are invited to attend the event.

“Homes, much like works of art, are reflections of personality and style, so hosting the exhibit of an accomplished artist like Stan is a natural collaboration for our Long & Foster | Christie’s office,” said Kara Chaffin-Donofrio, managing broker of Long & Foster | Christie’s Arlington location. “We’re more than the local real estate leaders; we’re a true member of the community, giving back to our neighbors through philanthropy efforts and cultural events.”

"Off/White" by Stan Piotroski

Titled “Off/White,” this painting is the centerpiece for Stan Piotroski’s art exhibition at Long & Foster’s Arlington, Virginia, office.

An artist nearly his entire life, Piotroski saw his career, as well as his following in the Washington, D.C., area, grow organically over the past several decades. Guests visiting his home often inquired about works he had created and placed on display. He sold several paintings right off the walls in his home, and he was delivering a piece when a chance encounter with a local art professor and gallery owner led to his first official show.

Comparing Piotroski’s work to that of Gene Davis, a well-known American color field painter, the professor encouraged him to showcase his works. In 2005, Touchstone Gallery in D.C. played host to his first exhibition. His following steadily grew in the years that followed, and he has hosted many solo and joint exhibitions since then. Most recently, he completed a master oil painting course in the south of France—an experience that inspired some of his newer works.

His show at Long & Foster | Christie’s Arlington office will feature a vibrant variety of works—from the very colorful to the minimalistic. Piotroski’s pieces have texture and dimensionality, resulting from a process of layering paints and manipulating them with trowels and palette knives to create the final effect. While the finished pieces often reflect the way Piotroski felt at the time, he understands and enjoys hearing how others interpret them.

“It’s experiential—all art is experiential,” Piotroski said. “The greatest experience for an artist is to listen to what people are saying about the art.”

Piotroski will attend the opening reception and plans to visit the exhibit frequently during the coming weeks. The pieces displayed at the Long & Foster | Christie’s office will be available for purchase. The office is located at 4600 Lee Highway in Arlington and the show will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Long & Foster | Christie’s is the nation’s No. 1 independent real estate brand and the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s in the metropolitan Washington area. For more information about Long & Foster, visit LongandFoster.com. For more information about Piotroski, visit http://stanpiotroski.com/.