June Sees Rise in Median Sale Price Across Roanoke Region

July 26, 2021

June brought an increase in the median sale price throughout the Roanoke region, according to Long & Foster Real Estate’s Market Minute Report. Botetourt County led the way with a 36% jump in median sale price, followed by a 27% increase in Roanoke City.  

The number of units sold was up throughout parts of the region, while inventory continued to decline. Homes sold rapidly with days on the market ranging from 15 to 32.  

The Long & Foster Real Estate Market Minute report for the Roanoke region includes the cities of Roanoke and Salem, and BotetourtFranklin and Roanoke counties. 

Many of the headlines lately are all about the current seller’s market and how now is the best time in history to sell your home.  Gary Scott, president of Long & Foster Real Estate, believes that while now is a good time to sell, it’s also a good time to buy a home. 

“Interest rates are at an all-time low, and your buying power has never been higher,” said Scott. “Many homebuyers who have made their third, fourth or fifth offers on homes with no success may be getting discouraged, as they see home prices going up and are concerned that they are paying too much for the house.”  Scott pointed out that real estate values tend to run in ten-year cycles, with appreciation of 3% per year.  “If you go back to the financial crisis, prices got cut in half, but now, ten years later, they are ahead,” said Scott. “Prices recover, equity is built, and real estate is a tremendous hedge against inflation.” 

Scott added that as real estate professionals and trusted advisors, our job is to disarm and interpret the news for our customers. “The headlines may say one thing, but it’s our job to peel the onion back, understand where the information came from and educate consumers so that they can make the right decisions for their real estate needs,” said Scott. 

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