Fonville Morisey Brokers Host Seminar on the Future of Farmland

July 27, 2016

Fonville Morisey Realty Brokers Frank Gombatz and Gardner Reynolds of the Gombatz Group have gathered their collective professional expertise to deliver a worth-while seminar about creative and traditional ways to invest in – or hold onto – farms and large real estate parcels in North Carolina.

“Because of our depth of professional service experience with our farm and ranch clients, we feel we are uniquely positioned to both traditional and creative solutions to potential investors in land,” said Frank Gombatz of Fonville Morisey Realty. “When you have to work with as many local land owners to help them manage the purchase, lease or sale of property as we have, youhave to have a higher-order of knowledge about how property ownership affects family plans midstream,” Gombatz continued.

The seminar speakers announced for the August 3rd presentation include:

  • Frank Gombatz & Gardner Reynolds of FM Realty/ Legacy Farms and Ranches of

North Carolina, LLC

  • Harold Cooley of Investment Planning & Management, LLC
  • Greg Mott, Registered Forester & Realtor, Mott & Shay
  • Sam Williams, Owner of Triangle Pond Management
  • Pat Horne, Attorney of Patricia Horne Law
  • (Speaker) Ag Carolina

The event starts at 11:45am with business networking, with lunch at 12:00. Reservations are required and RSVP responses should be sent to or phoned to Event Coordinator Gardner Reynolds at 919-749-3177.

[About FM Realty/ Legacy Farms and Ranches of North Carolina Brokers Frank Gombatz and Gardner Reynolds] Gombatz & Reynolds work with dozens of land and farm clients each year in the central part of North Carolina and maximize the use of new technology including drone photography and video in their marketing presentations that can be seen on their land website at