Your Go-To Furniture Rental Service this Holiday Season

November 16, 2018

Are you having trouble staging your home for sale with the upcoming holiday season? CORT Furniture, a Home Service Connections partner, can provide you with speedy service and trendy pieces that’ll help you sell your home at any time of the year.

“We don’t do home staging in a typical way; we believe that the details matter, because it’s the little things that separate good from great in a home,” said Fran Boller, territory sales manager for CORT.

As you can read in our earlier blog, Dos & Don’ts of Home Staging During the Holidays, it’s important to keep your home neutral and welcoming for potential homebuyers. Space can be your best friend when staging your home during the holidays, but finding pieces and different styles to complement it can be tricky and potentially expensive if you’re purchasing new items. Working with CORT, you’ll be introduced to a professional home stager, who’ll provide you personalized service and the home staging essentials that you need—and want—when selling your home.

“Because it’s a stressful time of the year, hiring a professional home stager to select the furniture of your choice from CORT can more likely guarantee you a successful home selling experience,” said Rita Von Essen, a professional home stager in Virginia partnered with CORT.

CORT makes staging your home manageable and affordable by providing quality rental furniture with one- to 12-month leasing options. You can select from a variety of current and cost-effective styles to create a warm, inviting home where buyers can envision themselves living. It can be as simple as adding accent pieces throughout your home or as comprehensive as completely furnishing rooms to match your home’s character. According to CORT, showing a home with quality furniture means less time on the market and a better chance to sell at a higher price.

When your home sells and you no longer need your leased furniture, you call CORT anytime to schedule your furniture pickup. If you end up falling in love the pieces that sold your house, you have the option to purchase them at a discounted price and take them to your next home.

Learn more about CORT on its website,, and from Home Service Connections.