Check Out These Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends

October 9, 2018
Kitchen Design Trends
Updating your kitchen? Consider removing your upper cabinets or adding open shelving.

Since October is National Kitchen and Bath Month, we decided to celebrate by highlighting some current trends that are popular in kitchens and bathrooms this year. Whether you are looking to redo the entire room or just trying to freshen it up, there are trends that work for a wide variety of styles and ideas.

Kitchen Trends

Integrated appliances are transforming the kitchen and its place within the home. Before, appliances stuck out like a sore thumb, even though that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as people love to show off their new ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers; however, there is a new movement to make the kitchen fit with the style of the rest of the house, starting with the appliances. People can do this by covering their appliances with wood paneling so that they look like cabinets, allowing it to be more customized.

People are opening up their kitchen space by removing their upper cabinets. Focusing on lower cabinet spaces for storage, homeowners are using their new wall space to enjoy more windows or to hang art or plates. Kitchen appliances are even being modified to fit this trend, with microwaves being made to open like drawers for easier access from a lower location.

Granite and marble countertops are declining in popularity, replaced by quartz countertops. Quartz is easier to maintain and more durable than its counterparts and it comes in a variety of colors and styles, including designs that imitate stone.

Bathroom Trends

Black matte fixtures have become increasingly popular, partly due to their unique and timeless look that fits with a variety of styles. They also add depth and dimension to a bathroom, as well as contrast beautifully against lighter and brighter colors.

Homeowners with larger, more open bathrooms are opting for freestanding tubs to give their bathrooms a more dramatic and luxurious feel. Since they can come in so many shapes and sizes, a freestanding tub can greatly add to the character and personality of the bathroom.

Floating vanities are a new take on the classic bathroom necessity. While the function is the same, the design gives way for a cleaner, simpler look that is less bulky than a traditional cabinet.

Every room of the house is important and unique, with their own personality and function. The kitchen and bathroom are no exception, so make sure to give them some love every now and then, whether it is something small, like adding new plumbing fixtures, or a larger scale project, such as retiling the floor; keep track of the current trends and see how they can fit into your house’s style and feel.


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