Why should I purchase travel insurance?

By Michelle D. Formica, Manager, Marketing Services, The Long & Foster Companies.

Jul 201820

Why should I purchase travel insurance?

By Michelle D. Formica, Manager, Marketing Services, The Long & Foster Companies.

Planning a fun vacation to a new, exciting destination? If you’re planning to travel, especially abroad, you might want to consider purchasing travel insurance to ensure you and your trip are protected. From unexpected weather to medical emergencies, travel insurance can provide just the right coverage you need to avoid unforeseen expenses.

What does travel insurance cover?
According to Travel Guard, travel insurance can protect you against a variety of different situations that you don’t anticipate occurring before or during your trip.

Flight Cancelations and Delays: If your flight is delayed or even canceled, travel insurance coverage will pay for reimbursement of your airfare. If you’re going on a cruise and miss the ship due to a delayed flight, travel insurance can pay for you to meet it at the next dock, said Rich Horton, Long & Foster Insurance regional manager of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Lost Luggage: Whether you lost your bag or it simply didn’t make it to your destination, travel insurance will help you find it and pay for your travel necessities until you do. If your bag is never found, a travel insurance policy will cover your lost belongings.

Medical Emergency: If you get sick or injured while you’re traveling, and you have to seek medical care, these expenses can quickly add up. Travel insurance is especially important if you’re going overseas because many medical insurance policies are limited when you’re out of the country and out of network, said Horton.

Sick: If you unexpectedly get sick before your planned trip, preventing you from going, travel insurance will reimburse you for your trip expenses.

Company Goes Bankrupt: After you’ve booked your trip, there is a chance the cruise line, airline or tour company goes bankrupt. If this occurs, a travel insurance policy will reimburse you for any non-refundable expenses, as well as help coordinate your new travel plans.

Weather:  Unfortunately, natural disasters can happen anywhere. If unexpected weather hits your vacation destination before or while you’re there, travel insurance coverage will ensure you get out safely and reimburse you for any lost vacation days.

According to Horton, coverage and services vary per policy, so it is important to check with your insurance company to pick the right travel insurance plan for you and your trip.