Tips for a Smooth Mortgage Financing Process

March 30, 2017

You’re almost a new homeowner—you’ve submitted all your financial documents to your mortgage consultant and you’ve been approved for your mortgage loan. Congratulations!

But to celebrate, don’t go out and buy furniture for your new home right away. In fact, any large purchases made between the time of loan approval and closing could delay your settlement date or jeopardize the financing of your home.

Mortgage lenders often run a second credit report and conduct an overall financial health check-up just before your closing date. They want to ensure your ability to repay the loan remains unchanged from when your loan was originally approved.

To help ensure a smooth financing process, here are some dos and don’ts from the team at Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC.

  • Do contact your mortgage consultant before making any changes to your employment.
  • Do continue making payments on existing accounts.
  • Do call your mortgage consultant if you are concerned something will affect your loan.
  • Don’t make major purchases with credit, co-sign another loan or max out existing credit cards.
  • Don’t assume that closing existing lines of credit or paying off collections will improve your credit score.
  • Don’t deplete savings to pay off credit debts.
  • Don’t deposit large amounts of money into your bank account(s).
  • Don’t change bank accounts or transfer funds within existing accounts.

Any of these actions could affect your mortgage financing process. Since everyone’s situation is different, it’s best to contact your mortgage consultant if you have any specific questions.