Halloween Safety for Kids, Drivers and Pets from Long & Foster Insurance

October 27, 2016

Halloween is quickly approaching, making it a good time to brush up on tips that can help protect you, your children and your pets. Keeping safety in mind first and foremost can help ensure you have a fun, enjoyable Halloween with memories to keep for years to come.

Safety Tips for Kids
• Check to ensure that costumes and wigs are fire-resistant and any makeup being used is nontoxic. Do a patch test with makeup first to ensure your child isn’t allergic to it.
• If they’re old enough to go without an adult, remind kids and teens of basic pedestrian safety, such as using sidewalks, looking both ways before crossing the street and making sure they remain visible to vehicles by carrying a flashlight or putting reflective material on their costumes.
• Make sure your children know not to enter the homes or vehicles of strangers offering them candy.
• Once they’ve arrived home, check your children’s candy for any treats that may look suspicious, including pieces that are unwrapped or items that look homemade.

Safety Tips for Drivers
• Be extra cautious on and around Halloween when watching for pedestrians, as children who are out trick-or-treating may dart into the road.
• Once it gets dark, watch out for pedestrians wearing dark clothing that may be harder to see, and take extra time when entering and exiting driveways.
• Minimize distractions while driving – consider keeping the radio volume lowered and turning on your headlights earlier than usual.

Safety Tips for Pets
• During trick-or-treating hours, keep your pets in another enclosed space in your home. The combination of constant knocks at the door and possibly frightening costumes can be stressful to pets, and you want to prevent them from running out the door.
• Stash Halloween treats and goodies in a place where your pets can’t get to them. Candies that have dark chocolate or artificial sweetener in them are toxic to animals.
• Be careful when using candles and make sure to watch pets around them. Their curiosity may cause them to get too close and burn themselves or knock it over, causing a fire.