2015 Annual Report

2015AnnualReportCoverSmallThanks to a stronger U.S. economy and the great work of our Long & Foster family, 2015 brought with it not only a healthy housing market, but also great success for The Long & Foster Companies.

Consumer confidence remained high throughout much of the year and continued low interest rates brought more buyers and sellers to the marketplace. As our sales associates across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast focused on growing their businesses and helping their clients to achieve their real estate dreams, we, too, concentrated on accomplishing great things for Long & Foster.

You can read more about Long & Foster’s growth and our accomplishments during 2015 in the e-book version of our Annual Report.

Long & Foster By the Numbers

Long & Foster Companies total sales volume and equivalents: $56.8 billion
Long & Foster Real Estate: $31.4 billion
Prosperity Home Mortgage*: $3.4 billion
Long & Foster Settlement Services: $13.3 billion
Long & Foster Insurance: $8.7 billion

Long & Foster operates across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast with over 220 locations in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as Washington, D.C. It is represented by over 11,000 Realtors and more than 1,800 employees in the real estate and financial services industries.